The Circus Collection

There’s room for everyone under here – the tent is big – please take a seat.
Here we do somersaults, we fly without nets, we eat fire, we laugh, we cry, we dream.
But every time you see something extraordinary, astonishing or dazzling, do not make the mistake that many make: believe in it.
Believe in it, even though to start with you will be the only one.

Believe in it, because there’s no trick, there’s no illusion,
Not even a hint of magic.
This is the circus of life.

About us

First of all you need that land there; the one that raised
Valentina with love for art and for the cult of beauty. Then,
there was a grandfather and a great-grandfather who taught her to play with these passions and to have fun. You know kids are the only ones who take the game seriously. The trick is to never stop
doing that, continuing to maintain the same attitude through life. Keeping on
throughout school, during all of her studies, while growing up
and older.
Because it is when you are grown up that dreams can surprise you unexpectedly.
Like dreaming about putting art on silk and wearing it.And in the morning, weaking up, realizing that the dream has yet to end and that it took root, asking for something. The dream wants to
exist, he demands forcefully that those colors and that fabric
shall be working well combined together. He knows that it would be nice, and even nicer to be shared. It is a dream that
pretends. He asks to become a reality. And he gets it.
Then he asks for a name:
Cha • Val Milan

Via Torquato Tasso, 8 - 20123 Milano IT | P. IVA: 08698260968